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Towards Work Upcoming Online Training

We facilitated a series of online training events for people with disabilities in Ireland, focused on practical professional skills as well as building confidence, empowerment and personal growth.

Online Training Videos


The first session in the Towards Work Employment online training series focused on building Confidence. Presented by Naomi Doyle, a Learning & Development Business Partner on the Talent Development team in AIB. Naomi speaks about what it means to be confident, why self confidence is important and how to grow this skill. Download the slides from Naomi's presentation in PDF format.


The Insiders Guide to the Job Search

Beginning the job hunting process can be daunting, so this session is intended to dispel any myths or fears around using online job search websites. Johnny Campbell from SocialTalent highlights the best way to make use of jobs boards as well key words participants should use when searching for particular roles. He also covers the role of the recruiter, hiring manager and hiring team. Download the slides from Johnny's presentation in PDF format.


Sharing Your Disability

When is the best time to share your disability during a job application process? What are the advantages or disadvantages to disclosure and what are the main considerations for choosing what to share? How does one request reasonable accommodation? Presented by Stephen Kelly, Disability Employment Specialist from Ability Focus.


Your CV: Content & Creation

Create an impactful CV for a successful job search. Presented by Sigmar Recruitment, they reviewed the best practices for CV writing as well as editing for specific job roles using keywords within the job spec.


Interview Insights

Presented by CPL Recruitment, this session detailed the steps to prepare for an interview and the process involved in securing employment.

Job interviews can be daunting, so Angela Redmond from CPL broke the process down into more manageable steps, including common interview formats and key questions, as well as tips for successful remote interviews.




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